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About Nano

Quality Assurance departments are put under more demands to achieve exceptional quality standards and at the same time hitting market critical release dates. All of these demands are set against a backdrop of increasingly complex devices, headcount reductions and few technological breakthroughs to help the engineer.

It is estimated that 80% of all testing is done manually. This is primarily because the hardware testing engineer has had few alternatives. Currently the only alternative to manual testing has been for the organization to heavily invest in an all encompassing enterprise software solution. This is not a viable solution for many organizations due to cost or flexibility issues.

Genie now gives testing engineers an alternative that fits for many organizations. Genie is a testing tool that is just that a tool.

A tool that the engineer can use:

with little or no training
minimal cost to the organization
does not require a major organizational
with the flexibility to be useful in a wide variety of tests

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